Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

So you want to write the next big hit for the bookshelves?  Well every one of us is supposed to have a novel just waiting to leap out and perhaps it is your destiny to be the next John Grisham (or author of choice).  So how do we go about doing that with this Mind Map thing?

Let’s just have a quick look at what you are going to have to be able to do in order for you to complete your novel.  I think you can count on having to do three things.  The first is to get the inspiration for the idea.  The second is to organize those ideas into a plot, identify characters, establish their relationships, work on settings and so on. The third thing you have to do is then sit down and write your magnum opus.  And finally the fourth thing is to rewrite and edit.  Forget the proof reading, forget the publishing and wild book launch parties and ignore the inconsistency in that I have given you four things and not just the promised three.

So that is quite a lot to do but imagine you could manage all of that activity – the combination of the right brain creative stuff together with the left brain planning and organizational stuff just using one tool. Well Mind Mapping is that tool.

So what is Mind Mapping?  It is a graphical technique for organizing your thoughts in a way that the brain loves.  It is a stimulating tool to use that engages both sides of your brain meaning you can increase both your creativity and your planning and organizational abilities.  Given you are about to embark on a new literary career  that requires those skills this is a perfect tool for you. note organizer

Hopefully by now you are at least a bit curious at how this is going to help you outstrip all the success that J.K Rowling has had.  By the way, rumor has it that J.K. had all of the Harry Potter books planned in detail before she wrote a single word.

The first thing that Mind Mapping will help you with is the gathering and organization of the mass of information you will be drawing upon as you create the foundations to your book.  I should point out at this stage there are two forms of Mind Mapping – the ones you can create with paper and pen and those generated on computer.  Throughout this article when we mention Mind Mapping we are referring to the use of Mind Mapping software.

The beauty of Mind Map software is you can link to files, folders and web pages as well as cut and paste juicy titbits of information all in one place.  You will have to manage more information than you think and as you start planning out the plot and the characterizations within your story, you will need to keep track of lots of data.

I am getting ahead of myself here a little bit because the organization of the information and ideas is actually the second broad step in the process.  The first step is coming up with the ideas in the first place and this is where Mind Map software comes into its own.

The creative process is one of the generation of ideas, the generation of even more ideas from those initial ideas and then the combination of groups of those ideas to create something unique, original, engaging and entertaining.  Mind Mapping can help you do this.

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