Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

This question is commonly asked by clients and friends when it comes to link building in SEO. The clients are pretty eager to know the number of backlinks need for their website to perform better in the SERPs. Most of the clients pay for their SEO package which includes activities such as link building, and there would be a particular limit for the number of backlinks in SEO package. This would be clearly mentioned in the price chart of the respective SEO packages.

80% of the SEO companies mention a particular number of backlinks in their tariff chart while the remaining 20% just promises to improve the backlink numbers without mentioning any particular number. In the first case the companies stop their link building activities just after reaching the number of backlinks mentioned in the SEO package price chart. They show the backlink report to the clients and here both the parties end up being happy upon seeing the numbers.

In the second case the company keeps doing the link building activities till the completion of their SEO contract. They might be sending the backlink reports on a regular basis, but would never commit any specific backlink numbers to the clients. At times it may exceed the number of backlinks when compared with the first case and on the other hand the number may be less when compared with the first case. Both the cases have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. 백링크

When the clients ask how much number of backlinks is needed for a website to perform better, companies and SEOs tell the client some amount of numbers. The client starts paying the companies till the numbers are met. But the actual answer for the above question is “infinite”. In short your website should not be limited to a particular back link numbers, rather it should try to get as many quality backlinks as possible.

The link building activities for your website should not halt at any point of time and it should continue on a regular basis. Getting infinite number of backlink does not mean to go for a bulk number of low quality backlinks. This would in fact harm the search engine performance of your website. While doing link building activities for your website, make sure that the links comes from quality and relevant sources in a natural way. The link building should start consistently and slowly, and always need to be monitored regularly.


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