Fri. May 20th, 2022



Venus in Sagittarius is the Amazon lady as depicted by Greek folklore. (think “Xena: The Warrior Princess”). As indicated by the legend, Amazon ladies battled, chased, rode ponies, utilized bows and bolts; they were savage, autonomous, and opportunity cherishing.  sagittarius zodiac sign


There is something in particular about Venus in Sagittarius extremely interesting that differentiates her from any. 


Other Venus arrangements: hazard taking. Venus in Sagittarius is a “whiz” with regards to chance taking. What’s more, what from outside may look crazy, bodes well to Venus in Sagittarius – because she realizes which dangers to take. 


In reality, the bold idea of Venus in Sagittarius isn’t silly. However, it is upheld by expertise and experience comparable to her certainty. She is a characteristic chief, and her worldly experience accumulates everybody’s regard. 


Venus in Sagittarius will move you to “take the plunge” and say YES to life. 


Those of you with Venus in Sagittarius will encounter the “Venus return” – this is a fun opportunity to begin another heartfelt endeavor or another partnership.



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