Thu. May 19th, 2022

A cartoon is a good illustration formed by series of different drawings that movement can be viewed at a faster pace or motion. Cartoons can give a different sense of joy and humor from different style of themes like anime, heroes, fairy tales and many more. Cartoons make the young children truly fun and enjoyable. If you wish to make your own, here are some simple steps on how to draw a cartoon.

Things need to prepare drawing a cartoon:

o Coloring tools like colored pencils and crayons
o Pencil
o Pencil sharpener
o Pencil eraser
o Notebook
o Black printing papers
o Personal Computer
o Newspaper

Useful tips on how to draw a cartoon:

  • By looking at some previously made cartoon from newspapers, try to make them your 4anime inspiration.
  • However, do not steal ideas from comics or newspapers; rather make your own so it would be original.
  • Know you theme like monsters, fairy tales and other cartoons. Just use your imagination and have so much fun

Steps on how to draw a cartoon:

1) Make an outline of your cartoon, but make a clean outline of the face with no features yet like nose, mouth, eyes and many more.

2) Right after the outline, you may add the other physical features.

3) Try to add cool clothes and hairstyle to your cartoons.

4) Erase some unwanted lines by the use or pencil eraser.

5) Colors the areas with your own color of choice on some parts of the drawing. It is the use of colored pencils, paintbrush or crayons.

Now you just finished making your own cartoon, if you want to view it with motion you can draw to another paper and sketch the different drawing with a small difference like bigger eyes at the other drawing. On how to draw a cartoon just use your creative imagination; It could be simple yet so much fun.

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